Hansen Dam Bike Path

On a  sunny Sunday afternoon we decided to check out the Hansen Dam Bike Path. The entrance is on Osborne Street just a bit up the hill from the Dronfield Avenue entrance to the park. The view from the rim of the dam is beyond spectacular! Little Tujunga Canyon

Big Tujunga Canyon, and a virtual panorama of the San Fernando Valley. Moments like this make me so happy and confirm yet once again why we love living here.


This path is well maintained, wide and also quite exposed to the elements.  It was a bit breezy and very sunny. Truly an engineering feat!  I love the genius idea that someone had to put a bike path up on this dam.  Thank you whoever you are!                                                                                                            

Even though it was pretty hot as we finished our ride I think Bill is looking pretty glad we took a spontaneous jaunt to the Hansen Dam on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

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