Coastal Route, Santa Barbara

My love of cycling started right here in Santa Barbara over 35 years ago.  Oops! I shouldn’t date myself , even though I just did.  Back then there were already many bike paths and now there are so many more.  The municipality of Santa Barbara has done an amazing job linking the city through this extensive network of paths.  The coastal path starts on Modoc right near La Cumbre Rd.Does it get anymore charming than this?  Just when you thought that was all there was how about the coastal kitty?  We continued along the path until we reached Goleta Beach, another great photo op.All in all a beautiful morning and great ride along one of the many Santa Barbara bike paths.  I can’t wait to explore more next time.

Rio Hondo

Bill and I set out to explore the Rio Hondo bike path and unfortunately spent so much time looking for the entrance we didn’t get to ride as far as we’d planned.  We found 2 entrances. The first at the Peck Road Water Conservation Park, 5401 N Peck Road, about 1/2 block south of Live Oak, in Arcadia. Read More….

Starting in Pasadena

As a 20 year resident of Pasadena, I thought it would be fortuitous to start my rides at the Rose Bowl.   Together with my husband Bill, we decided to give ourselves a mini-challenge.  Once around the Rose Bowl equals 3.2 miles.  Why not 3 times around and make it into exercise?  This is a wonderful park.  I would advise off hours as there is less traffic so 10:00am to 2:00pm or an early weekend morning.  Birds chirping squirrels scurrying, dog walkers walking and the sun shinning.  AweSome!!